7 tropical wedding decor ideas that are too hot to handle

Ideas The tropical look is super-hot right now and will be for a while. This is great news for anyone looking for a bright, fresh and relaxed theme for their weddings. What’s more, you can easily squish details for this theme in anywhere and everywhere to give your day a really strong visual impact that’ll get your guests talking.

Here are our top picks for tropical wedding décor ideas…

1. Bouquets and boutonnieres. Some delicate British blooms may look a bit out of place among a sea of palm leaves and pineapples, so think about what you’ll be carrying/wearing as part of the theme. Ultimately, if you really want something non-tropical in the mix, don’t sweat it and just add it to your order. No one is going to be policing your flowers, and actually flowers like roses are so neutral that they really go with prettymuch anything.

However, if you’re not fussed on traditional flora, you might like to consider tropical options such as Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise), hibiscus and tiger lilies. Oh, and plenty of foliage! In fact, exclusively foliage is a really nice look, and you needn’t stick to green – there are plenty of red and purple and yellow leaves in the tropical world too.

2. Cocktails. You can tackle this several ways – serve pretty but understated tipples incorporating tropical fruit and coconuts as flavours… OR you could get your guests to celebrate with hollowed-out coconuts with bright straws. Or go for something in between with a super bright drink (Watermelon? Kiwi?) and a wedge of something tropical on the rim of the glass. You can totally make drinks work for your tropical theme in the way that suits your style.

3. It’s a jungle. Get as much foliage as you can afford! The odd large plant will really make an impact at an entrance or near a focal point like the cake table. It might be cheaper to hire larger plants from a specialist company who can drop off and pick up, but you can usually find smaller plants fairly cheaply at supermarkets and garden centres or online.

4. Fruit. Mangoes, pineapples, melons, bananas … yes, there’s a place for them in your wedding! Use hollowed-out pineapples as vases for your floral table centrepieces, or paint them gold and let them stand alone in the centre of the table. Mangoes can be super-pretty with their green-to-orange colouring. Dot them around your other décor, or write people’s names on them in place of placecards.

5. Accompanying colours. You could stick to whites, neutrals and browns in the style of a fresh woodland theme that’ll give your day more of a chilled vibe. However, if you look to the flowers and animals of tropical destinations, you can see that they flash their brightest colours to impress – so don’t feel shy of doing the same! Jewel colours work especially well with a tropical theme, so pick one or two key shades and then use them liberally for a vibrant feel.

6. Fauna. Add some tropical animals! They don’t have to be real – think about placing the odd sequinned parrot or plastic tree frog among your tropical foliage. Have fun with the theme!

You could even have a few interesting live guests if you book a company who’ll bring a parrot or chameleon to meet you. Make sure they’re legit and that they are going to put the animals first, though. No one wants to make a tree frog sad at their wedding, right?

7. Leaves, everywhere. Many tropical plants have interestingly-shaped leaves, so make them a feature! Use them as chargers beneath your dinner plates (use glass plates to really show them off).

Write people’s names on them and wrap them around dinner plates as place settings. Ask your caterer to set canapes on them. Run a line of palm leaves down the centre of long tables for a seriously beautiful runner.

How are you making your wedding a tropical treat for all the senses?

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