How to have a beautiful autumn wedding

Planning Autumn is such a beautiful season. The crimsons, golds and oranges of the leaves. The shiny deep brown of conkers. The crisp frost being turned golden by the sunrise. Beautiful!

Setting an autumn wedding date means you have this aesthetic ace-card up your sleeve. Plus, weddings at this time of year aren’t as popular or overdone as summer weddings, so no matter how many weddings your guests attend that summer, your autumn wedding can feel refreshing and new to them.

'When a season boasts so many great flavours, it's almost rude not to ring the changes.'
Whether you’re just getting started on your autumn wedding plans or you’re prettymuch all set, here are a few ideas to help make your day as gorgeous as a warm pumpkin spice coffee!

Those beautiful leaves!

First, let’s talk about those leaves. Yes, they’re your biggest autumn wedding ally, but also challenging at times. Set up a plan for ensuring walkways are free from wet, slippery clumps of leaves, be it a helpful cousin with a broom or your trusty venue coordinator.

Also, will leaves be friends with your outfit? I wore a floor-length lace dress, and you wouldn’t believe how many leaves wove themselves into the hem of my dress before I could even say ‘I do’. I wouldn’t change a thing about my dress, the season or anything else, but if this sort of thing would bother you, work something out ahead of time.

Season of toastiness.

It’s really worth advising your guests to bring warm clothes as many will automatically end up dressing a bit lighter than the chilly weather might warrant. And even if you’ve advised them to bring something woolly it’s still worth having a few snuggly blankets to hand!

Likewise umbrellas! Autumn likes to be a bit wet and stormy. But equally, bring a couple of bottles of easy-to-use sunscreen and crack them out if your wedding day falls during an Indian summer heatwave – I promise you, it does happen!

Drinks to fall for.

There's never a wrong time to have fun with your reception drinks ... but when a season boasts so many great flavours, it's almost rude not to ring the changes. Not only does the harvest time bring exciting new tastes back out there, but the cooler weather means you can add a bit of indulgence too.

Move over Bucks Fizz, and enter mulled cider, mulled wine, spiced apple juice, blackberry cocktails or hot chocolate! Hot drinks look striking and add a little toastiness your guests will really appreciate.

Harvest feast.

You get to be the first to reintroduce all those cold-weather favourites to your guests’ palettes, hooray to that! Think mini pies on sticks, mouth-watering roasted meats, soup, and use food as décor or place settings for a classy take on the ‘harvest’ vibe. Tasty on the eye as well as on the tongue!

Rustic splendour.

If you’re not sure what sort of look to give your day, consider a rustic theme. The rustic vibe really lends itself to autumn weddings, perhaps as they both point towards natural elements. Serving little autumnal treats on big slabs of tree trunk perfectly encapsulates an autumnal rustic look.

More bang for your buck?

Off-peak weddings (that is, prettymuch any time of year that isn’t summer) can work out a little cheaper. Venues and businesses may be open to dropping their price a little in the quieter months. Just remember to keep negotiations sweet and professional, and know when to quit!

Still deciding on a location? Read our tips on choosing a wedding venue.

Autumn colour.

Don’t limit your colour palette to just oranges and yellows. Consider throwing in some sophisticated rose gold, or if you’re feeling bold, opt for deep reds and purples. Sage green can also work really beautifully with many autumn staple colours.

You can extend your colour scheme into the lighting too, which you might need a bit more of because of the shorter days. Remember, warmer lighting makes us feel warmer too.

It's your day, though.

Or – forgo the whole autumnal theme altogether! It’s your day, and just because you’re getting married in a season, doesn’t mean your wedding has to be an homage to that time of year!

Part of why I got married in the autumn was the fact that I wouldn’t be a sweaty, red-faced heap before the ceremony had even got going. So if you want summery colours and a beach wedding in October, do it and don’t look back.

Turn into a pumpkin.

Halloween! Bit of a horror fan? Why not give your day a few spooky twists? This can be done however you like – it needn’t be all-out plastic spiders and fake cobwebs everywhere… unless that’s actually the wedding you’ve been craving your whole life, in which case, yes, do that thing!

It could be as subtle as a little dagger pin badge on your suit lapel, or a raven feather in your bouquet. Oh, and maybe the odd pumpkin...

So, enough from me. What’s going to be in your autumn wedding? How are you making the most of the season? And why did you choose this season for your wedding?

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