How to pick your perfect honeymoon

Planning Ah, the honeymoon. One of the oldest traditions. And it has survived for very good reasons...

A post-wedding break gives you time to be together, to reflect, to celebrate some more and to generally start married life on a great footing.

And, needless to say, a nice, romantic backdrop for this break makes it all the more appealing!

The biggest challenge of your honeymoon can be narrowing down all the great options! But it's okay, because we're here with some tried-and-tested tips, just for you!

What do you need?

First, the most important question that’ll guide the rest of your search: what do you need from your perfect honeymoon?

After all that socialising and dancing and organising, will you benefit from recharging on a quiet beach or will you thrive on continuing the party in a lively carnival atmosphere? Do you want to stimulate your mind? Or do you want to forget you even have a mind?

It all comes down to personal preference. Be prepared for some difference in opinion between you and your partner, and if this happens, consider doing half of each, switching from one to the other halfway through the holiday, or going with a location that can offer both.

What can you spend?

How much do you have in your honeymoon budget? Are you confident that you won’t have to use any of the chunk to buy last-minute bits for the wedding day itself? Knowing your budget can be hard if you’ve asked for contributions to your honeymoon as a wedding present.

If you're one of the many couples with honeymoon cash on the gift list, consider a gap between the big day and the big break. Predicting people’s generosity is hard, although most couples are pleasantly surprised and if you’re in this boat, you can go more luxurious or for more nights than you thought you could.

If you have the cash but are looking to boost your spending money through your guests’ generosity then it’s okay to book ahead and jet off straight after the honeymoon. Check for available upgrades and then snap them up later if you can afford to.

When will you go?

Variations in season and climate are worth considering when planning your perfect honeymoon. Time of year can also have a huge effect on the overall cost of your break so bear this in mind, especially if you’re working to a budget.

Consider avoiding school holidays and the times of year when the destination is said to be ‘at its best’ seasons can be just as beautiful...and quieter to boot.

Would a post-wedding gap suit you or clash with your style? Some married couples highly recommend a pause after the wedding to take it all in and to process the events of their day before holidaying.

Others talk about the absolute high of leaving your reception and immediately jetting off on the holiday of a lifetime as newlyweds. Try, as much as possible, to imagine how you’ll feel after your wedding. Know thyself!

Step back!

Inevitably, when planning the wedding day itself, you have to think of other people. But the honeymoon? Not so much! So even if the rest of the wedding decisions are getting on your nerves, try to make honeymoon planning something you do together enthusiastically – just for you two.

And while a honeymoon can be an excuse to book the trip of your dreams, don't feel pressure to make your honeymoon The Ultimate Trip of Your Lives! You'll have more trips, and if you honestly know you recharge from socialising by reading under the duvet, save that sightseeing marathon for another time.

So take that notebook and your beloved and put your thinking caps on, sooner rather than later. Before you know it you'll have a honeymoon in your sights that'll give you just what you need. Plus, you can look forward to it for longer - and anticipation is part of the journey!

So, where are you going?

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