Make your same-sex wedding sparkle

Ideas There are many things that will make your wedding day feel special. For most, the list includes a sumptuous visual feast, be it bright colours, a harmonious palette or a super-sharp theme.

Colour is all well and good ... but don't forget to add a little sparkle! Whatever your wedding aesthetic, you can add to its effects with the clever use of glitter, sequins and shine to make your same-sex wedding sparkle.

Here are just some of the ways you can add some glitz to your wedding day...

Glitzy stationery.

Start as you mean to go on by adding rhinestones or glitter to your invitations. Suppliers of wedding stationery offer so many options for extra sparkle, so it'd be rude not to take them up on it, frankly.

Fairy lights.

Don’t underestimate the power of strings of simple fairy lights. To avoid getting tangled up in power leads, go for the battery-operated LED kind – they’re cheap and the wires are bendable, allowing you to shape the strings around other.

If you want to go all out, how about hiring a whole curtain of lights as a twinkling backdrop for your first dance or even an LED starlit dance floor?

Shimmering signs.

Do you need to help your guests to find their way from the car park to the ceremony? Create a big stencil in the shape of an arrow or heart and shake glitter over it. The result will be a shimmery, unmissable temporary sign to show everyone the way.


And speaking of throwing sparkly things around, how about sparkly confetti? Confetti is definitely something where the rule of 'more is more' applies, so give your guests little packets of sequins and glitter and let the fabulous photo opportunity commence!

If confetti isn’t allowed at your venue, get your guests to shake metallic streamers at you for an eye-catching pic you’ll treasure.

Twinkling toast.

Customising your toast drinks can be a stunning way to add glitz to one of the high points of the day. If you’re supplying your own glasses, consider buying pre-decorated flutes or have a go yourself if you’re the crafty kind.

Venues may also be able to frost the rim of each glass with edible glitter for a lovely touch of glamour. You can even ask if your caterers can find a way of including edible glitter in you arrival drinks for a touch of glamour.

Give nature a hand.

Nature is beautiful as it is, but that doesn't mean we can't add a little glint to our floral displays.

You could ask your florist to include some glittery beads or to place the table flowers in a sparkly vase or container. As flowers make quite a heavy appearance at most weddings, the effect will be widespread and have tons of impact.

Oh, and if you’re having hand-made flowers, request some glittery materials in the mix or order a brooch bouquet/boutonniere for non-stop shiny light-catching splendour.

Fabulous feet.

Whatever shoes you’re planning to wear, you can get a touch of shimmer into them somewhere. Be bold with all-over glittery footwear, or go for something more subtle, like glittery laces, or just on the soles.

And then there's the rest of your outfit. Sequins and glitter can add a real sense of glamour to lapels, shrugs, veils, handkerchiefs and belts.

Dazzling glassware.

You can add an extra glimmer just by paying attention to the lighting in your venue and to the glassware and tableware. Remember just how beautiful a good piece of crystal can look next to a simple candle and you’re already halfway there.

Mirror, mirror.

Mirrored surfaces can also be a no-fuss way to achieve a twinkly effect, and these can be used as the base for the table decorations to double the effect of any decor or lighting. Or, if you want a full-on gitttery dining experience, go for a table cloth dripping in sequins.

Bright night.

And, of course, there’s always sparklers! Get your photographer to take some long-exposure pictures of you and your guests spelling out important words or the date using these little fizzy wands of nostalgic joy. Then surprise them all with a fireworks display for the ultimate sparkly finish to your glitzy day!

Which of these will you use to add sparkle to your wedding? Hey, who says you have to choose? Why not use them all?

After all, if you can't have glitter at a wedding, when can you, eh?

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