Six of the best destinations for same-sex weddings

Ideas With any luck, you’ll only do it once, so why not do it somewhere spectacular?

With travel resources and deals popping up all over the internet, you needn’t leave it to the local golf course, so think globally and plan your wedding at one of our favourite same-sex wedding destinations.

We’re pleased to say that all of the following places have legalised and welcomed legal gay marriage, and that none of them require you or your partner to be a resident.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Stunning Argentina is known for its natural beauty, from the soaring peaks of the Andes to salt flats to deserts to cool green forests. Food-wise, it’s a carnivore’s dream as it boasts thousands of steak restaurants as well as a real knack for great Italian-based dishes such as pizza and pasta.

And then there’s the superb Argentinian wine – oh, and did we mention the street food of Buenos Aires? And let’s not forget that the sexual-tension-ridden Tango comes from here as well. Put it all together and you’ve got the perfect destination for romance and adventure.

San Francisco, USA

If you’re looking for a place that is nonstop guaranteed rainbow-flag-flyingly gay-friendly, look no further! This is the epicentre of USA LGBTQ culture with clubs, restaurants and entertainment catering for this community.

Because of its location and surroundings, it is subject to microclimates, giving it an ever-changing and exciting atmosphere. It’s also the centre of all things cutting-edge, where trends are born and then reborn.

San Fran has some stupendous sights to explore such as the famous Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, and the city itself is nestled in all the beauty of California, making it ideal for worshipers of nature, sunshine and wine. What’s not to absolutely adore?

Bruges, Belgium

Picturesque medieval beauty is around every winding corner in beautiful Bruges. Narrow streets open into spectacular squares, the crowning glory being Markt, a large market square with majestic buildings on every side.

Here you can sit on the steps of the monument and eat chips and mayonnaise and sticky waffles as you watch the crowds whizz past (to give fair warning, it’s rarely a quiet place).

Take a canal tour for a different view of the city or hole up in one of the city’s many bars for a beer-tasting session like no other. Finally, be sure to make time for the outstanding chocolate museum!

Copenhagen, Denmark

This city is Scandinavian cool at its finest. It offers up no less than 15 Michelin-starred restaurants along with all you would expect in terms of world-class culture and architecture.

Check out the charming Tivoli Gardens for old-school classic amusement rides and attractions and wander through alternative commune neighbourhood Christiania for a glimpse into this self-governing, eco-focused social experiment.

If you have time, feast your eyes on the fairytale turrets of one of the many castles nearby.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

If luxury and a languid pace make you grab your passport, then Bora Bora is your perfect match. Coconut trees and cute huts on stilts over shimmering lagoons give this place its breath-taking beauty and relaxed vibe.

Unsurprisingly, it’s a top honeymoon destination, but why not tie the knot here too? Snorkelling and diving with sea turtles are just two of the tempting activities on offer, and if you’re feeling really energetic, you and your beloved can start on a high by tackling Mount Pahia, which stands a whopping 661 metres above sea level.

New York, USA

It’s on nearly everyone’s destination list, and with good reason. There are so many unique and famous wedding venues here, making it a popular (if expensive) choice for saying ‘I do’.

On top of that, it’s highly cosmopolitan, with neighbourhoods such as Chelsea and Greenwich Village as the cherries on the big gay cake. You don’t need us to tell you that there is also every kind of activity and entertainment, every cuisine and plenty of everything for everyone.

Okay, so it’s one hell of a busy city that has absolutely no chill setting, but your memories of the atmosphere and hustle and bustle will last a lifetime!

Which of these takes your fancy as a destination wedding backdrop? Or are you tying the knot at another gorgeous destination?

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