Wedding favour trends for 2017

Ideas They’re a token of thanks, a chance to put your stamp on the day and a way to add pizzazz to your table decor. Here’s what we predict will be the wedding favour trends of 2017.

1. Meringues.

Not the 8-packs you get at the shops. Think colourful, swirly cute little puffs of crispy loveliness. The right amount of uniformity versus individuality, and maybe a little label or message attached like the ones pictured. They’re highly affordable and customisable, won't melt… and your guests will devour them!

2. Succulents.

These little plants made an appearance in 2016, but they'll be even more popular in 2017. They’re fairly easy to look after and suit most home decor, so your guests can treasure this addition to their houseplants for a long time after your wedding.

3. The personal touch.

While homespun is always appreciated, it is going to be huge in 2017, so employ your creative skills, or those of your loved ones. Do you know an amazing knitter, jam-maker, beer-brewer or even a bee-keeper? Get them to teach you both how to make the favours. It’s fun, you’ll learn stuff and you’ll end up having charming unique wedding favours.

4. Spirits done right.

Gin will be very popular in 2017, but as with any spirit favour, do it right. Interesting bottles will add individuality to your table setting, as will picking a spirit from the region you’re marrying in. You can also make your gin the base of a drinks kit, featuring everything your guests will need to make a signature cocktail.

5. Pie pops.

Cake pops are delicious, but the most cutting-edge couples next year will be setting their tables with pies popsicles. Also, a good option for a dessert buffet, these adorable little pies on sticks will go down a treat.

6. Wedding soundtracks.

Bring back the happy memories of your fun day by ensuring everyone has a copy of your favourite tunes used during the ceremony and the party.

Which of these is your favourite? Or what's been your favourite favour from a wedding you've attended?

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