Wedding photo booth how-to

Planning There are fabulous professionals out there who specialise in laying on a spectacular wedding photo booth. But what do you do when you’re on a small budget, or if you just want to keep things simple and involve the minimum number of people in your plans?

Good news: a DIY wedding photo booth is totally possible. And it takes shockingly little to get good results. It’s rare with wedding DIY to encounter a project that’s actually simpler than it looks. Usually, it feels like the opposite! (Hang on in there, glue-gunners.)

'It’s rare with wedding DIY to encounter a project that’s actually simpler than it looks!’
That’s not to say I advise against making use of any photo techies in your orbit. You could ask them sweetly if they’d rig up some kick-ass lighting and a sweet camera.

But don’t sweat if you no such person is in your life. Because not only is a photo booth simple, but… *whispers* You don’t even need a proper camera. Here’s what you do need…


Soooo important. But it can be so simple too, fear not. It really doesn’t have to be fancy, or 3D or take 40 hours to make. One solid colour will do, but if you want to add some kind of decoration or pattern, feel free.

Size-wise, a backdrop that’s six foot by six foot is usually plenty. If you’re short on venue space, you could make it narrower. Can be taped to a wall using masking tape (or something else that peels off easily the next day), or you can buy stands for cheap.

You can make your own stand too, by making a frame from wood and then making it stand up by attaching two short lengths of wood running perpendicular to the frame’s base. A frame can be handy for fabric backdrops, as you can stretch your fabric over it and staple it into place until it’s smoother than Dillon from The Apprentice 2016’s forehead .


Let’s talk illumination. Even if your chosen tech has a flash, trust us on this: you’ll want to go for as bright as possible without melting your guests. Round up your anglepoise lamps and set them up.

Bulbs that mimic daylight are a good call and are pretty cheap. That said, coloured lighting is also super effective. Just so long as it’s bright, you’ll be good to go.


Without them, what’s the point, frankly? Don’t be afraid to mix n match different collections and themes as it can look a bit dull if it’s all too samey. Random is king when it comes to props.

Also, it’s okay to mix 2D glasses-on-sticks with stuff out your fancy-dress box. In fact, it’s encouraged. Raid your friends’ fancy dress collections too. You can never have too many props! Did we mention props?

And try to display the props enticingly… so guests might be able to glimpse something they just have to go try on. Spilling out of chests, piled on a table, hung on the wall by the backdrop – make them visible.


Extra hassle-free bonus: use guests’ cameras and make a wedding hashtag. You might be doing this anyway if you haven’t got a tripod or just don’t want to use one.

A hashtag can be a nice touch anyway so that people can generally share their experience of your day through their eyes. And applying it to your photo booth too saves being pestered for you to upload the collection while you’re relaxing on honeymoon.

It’s actually that simple! Lighting. Backdrop. Props. And you’re good to go! What props and backdrop will make an appearance at your DIY photobooth?

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