Wedding photography: The Ideal Gay Wedding checklist

Planning You’ve been planning this day for years, you have thought about each little detail, you have ensured that every last corner is decorated, yourself included, to perfection.

You’ve quite possibly spent way more than you ever intended and all the important people in your life are under one roof in their finery.

And you've found, or are finding, a bitchin' photographer.

Now, if you could just help them record this day for posterity… in a way that doesn’t suck… in a way that looks kinda natural… oh, and doesn’t take up the whole day… but doesn’t feel rushed either… that’d be grand!

Fear not! Our wedding photography checklist can get you closer to this goal.

Sure, we can’t promise to have every little shot anyone, ever, wants. In other words, we've left out things like a shot with your own personal collection of 107 vintage doilies.

We’re all different, after all, and you should dance to the beat of your own drum. But our checklist is a great place to start building your photo list.

Before the day

  • Engagement shoot

  • At-home/picnic shoot to include any pets

  • Preparations

  • Shot of the wedding invitation

  • Buttoning the dress/tying the tie

  • Outfits hanging on hangers, ready to be worn

  • Shaving, preening, applying fragrance

  • Any bouquets or boutonnieres before being put on

  • Close family and friends helping you get ready (especially helping you with

  • Any flowergirls/pageboys/children in the wedding party

  • Group shot of you with any attendants/wedding party

  • Putting on jewellery

  • Reading each other’s letters (or include this in the first look, below)

  • Having hair/makeup done

  • Both of you ready to go (probably separately, unless you got ready together)

  • Shot of you in your chosen transport or walking to ceremony

  • The wedding rings, ready to go.

  • Photo of any details once in place such as pocket watch, cufflinks, hair slides, brooch.

The first look (optional but increasingly popular)

  • Couple approaching each other (blindfolded or back to back), or...

  • One half of couple sneaking up on other half

  • Couple holding hands while remaining on either side of a door

  • Couple seeing each other for first time

  • If entering ceremony together, the guests’ reactions to their arrival

The ceremony

  • Shot of empty ceremony venue

  • Shot of any musicians playing the guests in

  • General shot of guests entering ceremony venue

  • Ushers escorting guests

  • If one of the couple waiting at the bottom of the aisle, a shot of their excited/nervous face

  • The wedding procession – capture all participants

  • Shot of any half or whole of a couple with whoever accompanying them just before they walk down the aisle.

  • Get the whole audience in during the ceremony

  • A shot of the couple at the front of the room during the ceremony

  • Reaction shots of parents/loved ones can be a nice tear-jerker addition

  • Any readers while delivering their readings

  • Any other important cultural elements such as breaking the glass, handfasting, jumping the broom

  • Close-up of the couple’s hands while exchanging rings or just while holding hands

  • That kiss!

  • The signing of the register (both just couple and then with the two witnesses)

  • The couple exiting the ceremony

  • The couple outside the venue

  • Candid shots of all around congratulating the couple outside of the venue

  • Confetti shot!

  • The couple in their transport on way to reception


  • The couple together

  • Couple with any children, then with children and couple’s respective parents, then respective whole families, and then both families all together

  • Couple with attendants (or in two halves if you have specific designated attendants)

  • Couple with whole wedding party

  • Couple posing with a ‘thank you’ sign, to be used on thank you cards

The reception

  • Photos of reception venue

  • The details: Table settings, guest book, wedding favours, cake, floral decorations, champagne glasses.

  • A few shots of receiving line in motion (if you’re having one)

  • The couple seated at their table

  • A photo of each table or group of people dining

  • Some good ‘action’ photos of anyone giving speeches

  • Relaxed shots of people chatting

  • Cutting the cake!

  • Gift table

  • Evening guests arriving

  • First dance (if applicable)

  • General dancing shots, to include as many close family and wedding party as possible

  • Photos of any kids letting off steam around the room

  • Photos of any reception entertainment, from musicians to magicians to lawn jenga being used

  • The couple leaving the reception

  • Whew! What have we missed? Tell everyone so we can all become the ultimate wedding ninjas together.

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