What not to do in the week before your wedding

Planning Your life has been full of to-dos since you got engaged, and now the big day is approaching, you’ve got lists, lists of lists and lists of lists you still need to write! And then IGW comes in, and tells you to don’t? Who do you think you are, IGW? We’re your saviour, that’s who. Listen up and avoid these pitfalls:

Stepping up your activity level
In any other week, spraining a toe trying out a new Bokwa class won’t matter one jot. However, in your pre-wedding week, it could affect your journey down the aisle or posture throughout the day. Keep moving but do it at or below your normal level.

New beauty products
It’s so easy to ‘treat’ ourselves to a new pampering or skincare product to make us look and feel our best on our wedding day, but two words: patch test. Blotches and rashes do not a happy bride or groom make. Give new products a whirl a month or so beforehand and, if all is well, you can confidently put them aside until needed.

A new hairstyle
You might be off for a quick tidy-up or trim up-top, but resist temptation to make your ‘something new’ a cutting-edge hairdo.

You might have known your hairstylist for years and you may trust them with your life. You may have an exact picture in mind, but just hold off until after the wedding. You bought and styled your outfit based on you as you are now, and it’s surprising how hard it is to predict how a new hairstyle will look with your wedding threads. Those photos are going to be around forever.

Extreme dieting
We get it. You had plans to drop some pounds, and these plans have been thwarted by all the wedding cake tasting sessions, the wine-and-chocolate planning sessions and life in general, but the week before is not the time to focus on restricting your food intake.

Be kind to yourself, and try to eat healthily but in normal portions. Extreme dieting can cause issues such as headaches, dehydration (hello again, skin problems) and confusion, to name a few. Also, your tailor/dressmaker won’t react kindly to last-minute outfit alterations!

A few too many sherberts
As the stress of coordinating a big event mounts, it’s tempting to let off steam with a tipple or two. While it’s one thing to unwind with a glass of wine and a Netflix binge, it’s quite another to sink several pints and pass out, drooling on top of your pile of freshly printed wedding programmes.

Aside from the effect heavy drinking has on your health, your skin will suffer, you could get bloated – and you’ll lose the next day to recovering at a time when every second is valuable for relaxation and preparation.

What else do you think is best avoided in your pre-wedding week? Or what do you wish you’d avoided? Share your tips below and help someone else out!

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