Why Bro-dal showers are the new wedding trend you need in your wedding schedule

Ideas Every groom deserves to be celebrated, and if you're a guy marrying a guy, good news! You've automatically been freed from the unnecessarily but all-too-frequent bride-centric approach to wedding prep, so it's all about friends and family celebrating their beloved grooms, whether together or individually.

Enter bro-dal showers, that is showers for 'bro's!

And it's about effing time, let's be honest.

So why do you need one? We're messin' - obviously they're not mandatory, but if you and/or your partner are guys or masculine, it's a good option. And if you want a pre-wedding party that is guaranteed to NOT turn into a stripper-packed vomit-fest that stags often descend into, this could be your answer.

That's because a bro-dal shower is based loosely on a bridal shower, an event designed to shower a bride-to-be with gifts and handy advice for married life. So there's usually a cake, some food and some silly games. And who doesn't love at least two of those things?

And then there's the themes - superhero, movies, lumberjack, sports, different nations, zombie, beards... you name it, it can be your bro-dal shower theme, and choice of how you style it comes down to the personality of who's being celebrated.

Or just keep it simple with a great feature such as a whiskey and cigar bar, a bro-nut (doughnut!) buffet, a stack of cans of beer or wheels of artisan cheese in place of a cake, a goofy sports day, and tasty meaty, manly snacks like spicy pulled-pork sliders, a hog roast or sausage baguettes – or just stick on a bro-becue and get guests to bring something tasty.

What could be more fun, right? In fact, whatever your gender, we think bro-dal showers sound like super enjoyable, and a chance to have fun with expectations of weddings - which is what we're all about!

So are you sold on the bro-dal shower concept? Are you planning one right now?

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